Bike Sharing in San Francisco

Summary: Our interactive narrative explores and annotates the various factors that effect bike sharing usage.

Team Members: Matthew Chun, Felix Ouk, Boyan Li, Qianying Chen

Visualizations: Final Project | Initial Prototype

Project Goals

We create an interactive visualization to depict the various factors that effect bike sharing usage. Since cars increase congestion and pollute the enivronment, politicians and other city stakeholders may be interested in implementing bike sharing programs. This visualization is a case study to inform those political and corporate stakeholders interested in creating or expanding bike sharing programs in their communities.


Our interactive narrative guides viewers through an analysis of San Francisco Bike Sharing data in 2014. We visualize various relationships such temperature vs. bike sharing usage and annotate interesting trends and outliers in the plots. We also animate an interactive calendar-map tool to let users directly witness the flow of trips on particular days and stations of interest. We then augment this tool with a basic time vs. usage plot to "zoom out" on the data and afford easy scanning over time. We finally visualize the environmental and financial benefits from San Francisco's bike sharing program, and conclude with a quiz to reinforce things that could be learned from the analysis.